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With continual change.

I get bored quickly. I always want something new and intriguing. It's not enough to be an attractive nude. Most porn is repetitive and lame. Curiosity, creativity, and something clever are what I find interesting.

Odd and unusual is a huge bonus. Odd angle, topic, treatment. From one picture to the next, there should be surprises.

Consistent traits:
- The image must be sexual in some respect.
- 90% contain nudity.
- About 90% female sexuality. About 10% male sexuality.
- Graphically strong is important.
- If the viewer does a double take, that's a bonus
- Static images rather than animations or movies.
- Photos or illustrations. Sculptures can also be great.
- An odd perspective, lens, or angle is good.
- Graphically clean images.
- Creativity.
- Conceptual oddness and uniqueness.
- Visually confusing.
- Sentimental can be nice.
- Nods to pop culture.
- Clever, odd, or funny.
- Avoiding extremely negative images.

Specific kinks:
- Power play in any direction.
- Macro close up images.
- Dolls as people or people as dolls.
- Mirrors.
- Creative sexual sculptures.
- Retro and iconic.